Bio-based materials are made by the substance extract from plant. Bio-material can help reduce the CO2 and offer other advantages such as lower toxicity. Also, products made by bio-based material are often degradable, which has less impact to our environment.


Bio-Acetate degradable




Convert the waste material to useable material.Most of the plastic materials can be recycled such as water bottle. We are focusing on use recyclable material to make our product.

Recycled Acetate

Recycled PET

Recycled Stainless steel


In Lidong Optics, we have our own solar power system which can decrease the release of CO2 for over 500K+ kg/year. We are trying our best to have good influence to the planet we live in.

Solar energy

energy storage battery

waster water utilization


Lidong Optics group respect all human rights and diversity. We offer all of our labour equal opportunities to sucsseed. Also, the workplace safety is a top priority to us. That is the reason why we have health examination adn safety trainning every year.